Rejection is awful. It stings and can leave wounds that can linger for years. Rejections will flow in and out of our lives, and even though no one likes to be the object of someone’s rejection, Jesus tells us we have a choice on what we can do about it.

I am so thankful for the Bible and the way it can show us what to do with the things we struggle with. Today I’m going to pull out some truths from the Gospels in the stories that Jesus sends His disciples out into the world. If you have time, read at least one of the accounts found in Matthew 10, Mark 6, or Luke 10.

I believe that Jesus knew His followers would run into problems on their assignment, so He sends them instructions and encouragement. He doesn’t sugarcoat the task as He says, “Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves.” (Matthew 10:16) He also must know they are going to get their share of rejection so He tells them, “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” (Matthew 10:14)

It warms my heart to know that Jesus knows how rejection makes us feel. Because of this, He provided the early followers with a perfect response to rejection: don’t let that rejection linger, don’t take it with you, shake it off and leave it right where you got it.

If you had a chance to read these stories you may have noticed that the disciples didn’t come back complaining about the rejection. Not one word was uttered about the snotty remarks Lucy made as they walked in the door, or how Kasey ignored them as they tried to talk to her. Nope. Instead of wallowing on the rejection, they shook the dust off their feet right then and there and experienced incredible joy.

Have you felt rejected lately? Have you heard the voices tell you that you are not pretty enough, strong enough, or good enough? (those are lies directly from the enemy!)

We have the same choice as the early followers that walked the earth with Jesus. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want rejection to accompany me down the road. I don’t want to let it cling to the soles of my feet, so I’m going to do my best to shake it off and not let it get in the way of my walk. I’m saying goodbye to rejection! Are you with me?