Lately, I’ve been reading Goliath Must Fall from Louie Giglio, and I wanted to share what I read today:

Let’s go back a little and look at 1 Samuel 17:4. It says, “A champion named Goliath, who was from Gath, came out of the Philistine camp.” Stop right there, because there’s something important in that phrase. The word champion means that Goliath had a record. He had a history, and that’s significant because a lot of us have history with our giants.

These giants didn’t just show up this morning. They’ve been around for a while. Their track record becomes one of the taunts used against us.

Ever heard one of these voices?     
•  Remember when you went to that retreat and promised how your life was going to change? Guess what, it didn’t.
•  Remember that time you thought you were going to be all big and bold and you lit a candle by your bed before you went to sleep and said, “The light of God is with me”? Too bad, sucker. I still won out on that day.
•  Remember that time you went to church and they had that message on life change, and you thought you felt something different that day? Nope, nothing changed. Won’t then. Won’t now.

These “voices” in our heads (words of failure, inadequacy, rejection, negativity, etc.) are our Goliath—they are our giants. They are in our past and our present. We must take steps to get rid of them—Our giants must fall!

Here’s the good news: Our giants can taunt us, but they don’t have ultimate power. Jesus has the ultimate power. The next time you feel deflated or that a giant is taunting you, turn to Jesus. Turn to the Word of God and the truth about who we are. Knowing the truth will set us free and the giant will fall!